What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) takes advantage of self-healing chemistry and quality stain resistance. From the top down our paint protection film includes a protection cap sheet, a self healing top coat, Aliphatic Urethane film, acrylic adhesive and a strong polyethylene liner. The layers provide shine and protection, high impact resiliency and crystal clear adhesion.


Protect Your Ride

  • Scratches and swirl marks
  • Vandalism and poor washing techniques
  • Sun damage and bleaching
  • Shoes damaging sills and doors
  • Bird lime and bug etching
  • Dogs entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Shopping trollies in parking lots
  • Stone chips

Paint Protection Film, also called clear bra or clear paint film, is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of new and used vehicles to protect their paint. This often self-healing applique can defend a vehicle’s paint job against the adverse effects of minor abrasions that can diminish a car’s overall appearance and value. In short, Paint Protection Film vehicle wraps are the most comprehensive defense you can provide for your paint job.


Why Use It?

Paint Protection Film is a great way to protect your investment. Knicks and dings in your vehicle’s paint job can not only be unsightly but can also decrease the value of the car if severe enough. Regular driving makes your vehicle susceptible to the occasional flying pebble, or road debris that can cause damage to your paint– but this self-healing, protection film acts as a shield for your vehicle, working hard to keep your paint looking like new for years to come.


Why Us?

At Detail Depot, our team is trained in the latest techniques and processes for all things detailing, including the application of protection paint films. Our top-of-the-line facility features state-of-the-art technology, and our experienced staff is competent and passionate about a job well done. We’re proud to have served over 10,000 happy clients at our shop!


What Products Do We Use?

We use only the best of the best at Detail Depot! For paint protection film applications, we use STEK products to ensure the best possible results for each vehicle-treated. This manufacturer has developed highly-advanced film technologies that offer unprecedented protection. With their leading hydrophobic and self-healing topcoat technology, and extreme gloss or matte components, STEK offers the upmost protection, with a style to suit every driver’s preference, while maintaining the integrity of each vehicle’s finish. Detail Depot is Chattanooga, and the Tennessee Valley's only STEK-certified paint protection film company. The best in providing new car protection. 

Detail Depot offers the best in the industry for ultimate automotive protection.  The only place in our area, to be certified, and able to offer Immortal by CarPro. Immortal is the first ever in paint protection film which instantly self heals in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. No heat or hot water needed to fix scratches. Extensively test and developed, to make sure Immortal PPF is the highest level of transparency, with high gloss finish, with the strongest self healing hydrophobic effect

To get the absolute maximum protection, Detail Depot recommends further coating Immortal PPF with one of CarPro CQuartz coatings.

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