Chris Wilson, the owner of Detail Depot, has over 35 years in the automotive detailing industry including patent-pending tools for the trade being manufactured here in the United States. Our state of the art facility offers some of the most advanced restoration, detailing and protections services in the country.



We're Top Dawg

Detail Depot is among the top 50 automotive shops selected by CARPRO.

Only the top 50 detail shops make it into CQUARTZ Finest Reserve group— worldwide. To remain in this elite group Detail Depot participates in ongoing training from CarPro and yearly attends SEMA and the Mobile Tech Expo.


Made for the South

In the southern heat you won’t wax on, just wax off.

Wax doesn’t last, it breaks down at 110 degrees. Why go through a week-long rigorous process on your vehicle and then try to seal it with a wax or paint sealant? Ceramic and PPF can stand up to the southern heat. A car is an investment. One of the best ways to protect your new automobile is the self-healing 8 mm thick paint protective film. Detail Depot is certified in several PPF brands, including STEK, LLuminar and more.


Made to Last

Invest in your future with Detail Depot.

Detail Depot employees can take whatever level your ride is, bring it up to the best level possible through several different techniques, and then lock it in for you to enjoy for decades to come. Most of our employees have been with us for well over ten years, some up to twenty-five! That experience and loyalty translates to the highest quality work being provided to your ride. Having your vehicle protected by Detail Depot is an investment in your car’s future.


Beyond Local

Detail Depot services the Chattanooga area and beyond!

Detail Depot attracts business from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Dalton, and Florida too. We have transitioned from a top-quality local detail shop to a complete automotive world-ranked reconditioning center, a 10,000 square feet state-of-the-art enhancement facility for your ride. 

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